Laura Hollick's nü Icon Year-Long Program Laura Hollick's nü Icon Year-Long Program

Pop the lid on your wild success!

Calling all Creative Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Priestesses, Artists, Shamans, Visionaries, Healers, Muses, Seekers, Earth-Lovers, Beauty-Lovers and Creators of the nü World:

The world needs your uniqueness. Your purpose is to cultivate your Iconic Essence to the level of mastery so you can powerfully and joyfully connect, circulate and contribute your gifts in the world. The nü Icon Program is the catalyst that transforms your Iconic Essence into your thriving life and career.

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Essence to Presence

Transform your Iconic Essence into your Embodied Presence

The nü Icon Program is where the “Artist’s Way” meets the successful entrepreneur. The nü Icon Program guides you across a Rainbow Bridge to transform your gifts into your wealth and your dreams into your reality.  There are 8 steps in the Rainbow Bridge of transformation that we will explore during this year-long nü Icon Program.


Inner Child

Your Inner Child plays a key role in your wild success. Not only is she the gatekeeper to your magical inner world, but she also has the power to sabotage your pursuits. When you come into right relationship with your Inner Child and heal the wounds of your past, you open the gates to your deepest joy and wild success.



Your ability to be connect and circulate your gifts in this world was imprinted within your first family experience. Heal your family imprinting so you can connect with people in deep, meaningful ways and create a nü family experience that supports your dreams and desires for today and the future.


Connecting with People

Learning how to connect with people in ways that are supportive and nourishing for your Iconic Essence will skyrocket your success. Money flows through people. Dreams manifest by connecting with people. Your sacred purpose involves people.  As you learn to embody your Iconic Essence in relationships you open space for money to flow and love to circulate.


Star Power

Your Iconic Essence is filled with the light of the Star from which you originated. On the path of creating a thriving life and career being yourself, you will learn to master your own Star Power so you can shine bright in this world.



Making money is a spiritual path for nü Icons. It is essential to know how to support yourself and your dreams so you can create the reality you desire.  Learning how to follow your heart and make money is a liberating experience. Learn the art of money making in this nü Icon journey!



Build the confidence and courage to express yourself fully to the level of mastery!  Iconic Essence expression is your divine purpose. Learn how to create from the inside out so your uniqueness radiates through all that you do.



Mastering your Intuition allows you to be a leader. When you understand how to listen to the true voice that is guiding you, you have the confidence to take the steps that are required for your unique path. Intuition is essential for all entrepreneurs, all creators and all nü Icons who want to thrive being themselves.


Your Sacred Mission

Your Iconic Essence is coded with your sacred mission in this world. Learn how to tap into your mission and crystallize your message so you can gracefully connect, communicate, circulate your gifts. Your sacred mission is the journey of embodying your essence and being your full expression in this world.

What’s included in the nü Icon Program?

The nü Icon Program is a portal into the next level of your life and career! Experience your wild success as you embody your Iconic Essence in all aspects of your life and career.  Imagine the profound transformation available to you as you give yourself permission to claim your Iconic path!

Monthly Audio Trainings & Rituals

Each month of your Icon Training focuses on a different aspect of your transformational journey to become the full embodiment of your Essence. You will receive training audios and rituals along with a monthly journal to support your creative learning process.

Monthly Journals

This is where ‘The Artist’s Way’ meets the successful entrepreneur to seamlessly weave together a practice of being in your Iconic Essence on a daily basis in both your life and career. You will receive monthly nü Icon digital journals to develop, deepen and exercise your Iconic Essence. Each journal is filled with inspirational guidance along with space to explore your iconic ideas.

Private Virtual Mastermind Forum

Your wild success is inevitable when you are surrounded by loving support and people who get it! The nü Icon Private Mastermind Facebook Group is a sacred space to connect and mastermind with others in the nü Icon Program. Most nü Icons are natural introverts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to connect, share ideas and have Iconic Impact in the world. In fact, most introverts thrive and become quite outgoing when they feel they’re in a safe, nourishing environment. Your connection with other creative spiritual entrepreneurs from around the world is the heartbeat of the nü Icon Program experience.

Personalized Intuitive Insights from Laura

You’ll have access to monthly group Q&A calls with Laura Hollick where you can receive personalized intuitive insights for your life and career. Experience Laura’s laser-sharp intuition to pin-point and clear blocks, and download divinely inspired ideas for your Iconic Path! Just one insight can radically transform your life. Expect to be blown away by the depth and precision of insight that comes from Laura’s personalized guidance. Allowing yourself to receive this level of support will change your life.

What’s included in the nü Icon Intensive?

Activate your Star Power with the nü Icon Intensive!

Take your Icon Training to the next level by working directly with Laura Hollick.  The nü Icon Intensive is the space where you can receive personalized, direct guidance for your unique Iconic Essence expression, embodiment and career success.

During the nü Icon Intensive Laura will guide you to express your Iconic Essence from the inside out. You will experience creative photoshoots, filming, and opportunities to cultivate your unique presence on camera as well as for the global stage. Imagine the leaps you can make when you master your Iconic Essence expression!

The nü Icon Intensive is a creative spiritual journey into the embodied expression of your Iconic Essence. You will be guided through leading edge creative processes and practices to unleash your brilliance, your intuition, your unique expression and activate your Star Power! Your life will change when you see yourself through the lens of your Iconic Essence.

The nü Icon Intensive is for you if you know your sacred mission requires you to be on the global stage. This is your master level Icon Training!

nü Icon Bonuses

Get instant access to these powerful bonuses when you sign up for the nü Icon Program.

Activate your Money Breakthrough

Activate your money breakthrough for 2016! Laura will guide you in a money ritual to heal your old relationship with money and make space for a nü money relationship to emerge. We will set the stage for your money breakthrough. You can use this ritual to increase your income, heal blocks, connect money with your dreams and finally make peace with your finances.

How to Create an Iconic Essence Image

Having an Iconic image of yourself is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your business. It lets the world know who you are and what you stand for. It is your branding and marketing magnet. In this bonus audio Laura Hollick and Kevin Thom guide you through the steps they personally use to prepare for photoshoots along with insider secrets to create an Iconic Image that gets noticed. Elevate your image to be VOGUE Cover ready by learning all the behind the scenes secrets to creating an Iconic Essence image!

 Is the nü Icon Program for you?

This IS for you if:

  • You feel excited by the prospect of diving into your Iconic Essence for a full year!
  • You know you have something unique to offer and want to develop it!
  • You want to have Iconic Impact in the world!
  • You want to thrive being yourself!
  • You value yourself and your unique creative expression.
  • You want to be on the leading edge of what is possible!
  • You know it is your time to step it up and claim your Iconic life!
  • You want to experience a total transformation in your life & career!
  • You want to elevate all aspects of your life to match the person you dream of being!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone else to tell you who to be and how to think.
  • You hold other people responsible for the results in your life and career.
  • You are looking for a quick fix to your problems.
  • You don’t believe in yourself or your potential.
  • You are stressed out by the notion of exploring yourself from the inside out.
  • You don’t have the means or desire to follow through on a year long commitment.
  • You don’t see the value of embodying your Iconic Essence.
  • You are afraid to stretch yourself into nü territority.
  • You need proof before taking action, even if your heart tells you to do something.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is involved?

This is a year-long program so you will have a full year to explore, deepen, luxuriate, cultivate and develop your Iconic Essence. You can work at your own pace throughout the year. Some months you may be on fire with inspired action and other months you may feel quieter and more contemplative. I will be encouraging you to tune into your natural rhythm and work according to that schedule. Each month you’ll receive a training audio from Laura. There will be an assignment accompanying it that could take you anywhere from five minutes to the full month depending on what you’re inspired to do. You’ll have your daily journal which can take anywhere from one minute to an hour to play with, depending on how you’re feeling that particular day. We’ll have monthly group calls that are one hour in length. The time it takes really depends on what your personal goals are for this program and what your natural rhythm is aligned with. There is always time for something you truly desire!

I want to do this but I'm afraid. How do I know if this is right for me?

Fear is often a good sign because it shows you’re on the edge of something really big and nü! The question you need to ask yourself: Is the fear a genuine concern for your safety or is the fear signalling you’re about to up-level your life and career in a really big way? It is completely normal to feel fear when you’re about to up-level. It can be uncomfortable, but when you understand it is just the gatekeeper to your dreams, you can tap into your courageous heart and move forward. To alleviate the fear, recognize the truth of what it is really about and decide what you want in your life. You’ll know this program is right for you if you feel the call in your heart!

What results can I expect to experience through the nü Icon Program?

This is a great question because it shows you are seeking transformation! At the beginning of the program, you’ll establish a clear intention for your journey, along with clarifying your desired results. Once you’ve clarified the specifics of your desired results, every assignment throughout the year and Laura’s personalized guidance will focus on the full realization of your desired results. Since everyone’s desires are different, the results will be different for each person in this program. Here are some examples of results people have experienced as a result of working on their Iconic Essence:

  • Dramatic increase in income
  • Overall increase in health, vitality and sense of attractiveness and beauty
  • Confidence to be visible in a BIG way!
  • Crystal clear vision for business
  • Clearing of stubborn blocks
  • Transition from a job to a dream!
  • Transform lack perspective to an abundance perspective
  • Create magnetic marketing campaigns with huge impact
  • Empowered work life balance!
I'm a total beginner. In fact I'm still in another job. Will this help me transition from my job to my dream life and career?

Transitioning from a job to your dream life and career is a powerful decision! Your Iconic Essence is the very foundation of a wildly successful career and lifestyle. When you master the expression of your Iconic Essence, you’ll have crystal clarity about what your dream is, what your offers are, what your branding is, how you want to market yourself and you’ll have the confidence to follow through on your inspired actions! Priceless! You are definitely in the right place!

I'm already an established entrepreneur with a multi 6-figure business. Is this program focused on business basics or is it focused on elevating into the realm of Iconic Impact?

What an exciting question! Once you’ve established the business basics, you’re in an incredibly powerful position to become a leader in the world because you’re able to focus on your presence, your creativity, your vision, your uniqueness and the impact you want to have. To create Iconic Impact it is essential to master the expression of your Iconic Essence. Your Iconic Essence makes you magnetic and wildly attractive to incredible opportunities. Your Iconic Essence is the source of the sustainable energy that you’ll need in order to grow to the next level. Your Iconic Essence is your compass to navigate a bigger game. Doing this potent Iconic Essence work you’ll naturally align with who you are born to be. If you know in your heart you are here to create Iconic Impact, you’ll develop the creative mastery to make that your reality through the guidance in this program. This is definitely the right place for you to cultivate your Iconic Mastery and elevate yourself to create Iconic Impact in the world!

Praise for Laura & the nü Icon Movement

“The nü Icon Program is hands down the best investment that I have ever made in myself. This program has opened the doorway with tools and support to follow my heart deeper into creating a business based on my authentic self.”

Lyn Bishop

“Working with Laura opens up the portal to your Iconic Essence in a way that is not rational or linear – it is energetic, shamanic, and magical and invites us to tap into the unseen realms where we can receive messages from our highest self and bring them back into our present reality to create a root-level shift. Through this we can re-weave the fabric of our lives so that we can become a true vibrational match with our soul’s essence and create congruence in our art, our work, and our self-expression. It is a gorgeous, sacred process like nothing else I have experienced. Laura is a true gift.”


“The nü Icon Program changed my life. I reconnected with my heart and found joy. I reinvented my business and started in a new way.”

Ella Renz

“Laura serves as a catalyst for integrated creativity and faith in the process of expressing self and purpose. Thank you, Laura for being your truth so solidly that it automatically inspires others.”

Renee Airya

“Laura is the pure embodiment of what it takes to be a nü icon. She is a wise, intuitive and inspirational being a powerful mentor/guide and incredible artist. She has shown me nü sides of myself that I didn’t know existed before. She inspires me to dive deep into the depths of my soul to trust fully and creatively express who I came here to be. Laura is the leader of the nü paradigm and a beautiful example of living a fully expressed, empowered and thriving life.”

Fleur van Til

“Laura held sacred space for me to discover my truth and embody it. She has been so much more than a business mentor for me – in fact, the business aspect of it, as truly brilliant as Laura is on that level, pales in comparison to the level of support and guidance I have received from her throughout my journey.”

Lucille DancingWind

“Laura has been my muse through the world wide web for many years. Being with Laura in the flesh for this unique and intimate vision quest journey was a powerful portal into the remembrance of my Temple Body Priestess and how she wants to come through at this time. Laura’s intuition is supremely divine.”

Sofiah Thom

“I really enjoyed being part of the program. All other programs I took did a great job of breaking down the logistics of how to run a steady and healthy business. This program was the only one that dug deeper and addressed the roots of any thriving business. It got right down to the very essence of who I am. I am clearer, more directed, making decisions faster. I better understand the mistakes I’ve made up to this point and how I need to correct them. I have full permission to take care of my most valuable business asset… me.”

Alishia Sala

“I had given up, and vowed to do NO more workshops! …UNTIL I came across Laura’s “Soul Art” and “nü Icon” programs. My intuition pulled me into signing up right away. They have changed my life! FINALLY, I totally believe in myself, and I have been guided to discover my strengths and unique vision! Laura’s special, deeply personal and meaningful exercises accomplish what no other program or workshop has, focusing on what truly matters! I now feel excited and clear about what is possible and important for my life.”

Joan Marie

“Laura is an exceptional mentor and guide, with razor sharp intuition and the ability to see who you really are, who you are becoming, and how that can be expressed through your business. This mentorship allowed me claim the value of who I am and what I uniquely bring to the world at a deeper level than ever. The result has been an up-leveling of my entire business to reflect and express my own Iconic Essence. Thank you, Laura – you are truly one of a kind!”

Lisa Berkovitz

“I immediately recognized Laura’s spirit. I deeply value her as a mentor and guide as I know she has lived and walked this path with devotion and commitment. I can feel her integrity and passion for living her life from her creative spirit. I listen carefully to her words and they ring true. She is a skilled in guiding people on their iconic paths. This path is challenging as you are constantly stepping out of your comfort zone but Laura knows how to support each individual on their unique path.”

Sunne Bernt

“The nü Icon Program is a unique journey inwards and outwards. Listening to your essence and beginning to live a life with her as your leader. The nü Icon Program is a year long process that gives you time to go through the darkness and reach the light. To be in the nü Icon program has been the biggest self-development gift I have given myself. I have found my essence. She is my leader now. And there is no way back to the old life. I have found my inner truth, my home.”

Susanne Sacred-Songs

“Laura has inspired and encouraged me to be more of who I really am. What could be more important than that?”

Ali Shanti

“The opportunity to connect and play with Laura in her nü Icon process was a gift. It helped me to become more in touch with an essence that I knew was in me, but had pushed away for many years because I didn’t like the ‘package’ (or in this case, color) it came in. This work allowed me to soften my edge around something that was already a part of me and open myself up to more of what that part could bring to my life.”

Sierra Sullivan

“I clarified my business vision and have tripled my business income within the first month of completing the program!”

Anne Gudrun

“Laura Hollick blows my mind every time we speak. If intuition looked like physical muscles she would have a 12-pack. Her playfulness, compassion, creative genius, and desire to serve all come together to create a delicious alchemy of mastery. She stands alone as an original artist, entrepreneur, and secret agent of awakening who is gently yet powerfully inspiring a revolution.”

Ariel White

“The nü Icon Program exceeded my dreams and expectations, complete magic. The insights and wisdom I received about myself and my purpose awakened deeper levels of my being. It gave me not only practical steps but also guidance in the underlying energetics of creating a business based on my essence. I loved the various exercises that helped me see business in a much more nourishing way.”

Sara Amarie

“Laura is a Divine Being who shares her creations with the world, inviting women to dive deep, experiencing parts of herself that need nurturing, desire love and self acceptance by creating a sisterhood of women who are shining examples of living the nü Iconic Global Vision.”

Deborah Skye King

“Laura is like a welcome gardener visiting you with a watering can, awakening the seed that’s simply been waiting for refreshment and attention.”

Jena La Flamme

“During the course, you will make gigantic leaps forward, month after month, into the direction of your dreams, and business you love. I highly recommend the nü Icon Program to anyone who desires to create a life and a thriving business that is based on your true, authentic self and aligned with your unique path and purpose.”

Christina Szegedi

“I signed up for the nü Icon mentorship program wanting to grow my business…and what I received was so much more. I have been able to bring together all of the parts of myself and cultivate them to create a solid foundation for my business; to develop amazing relationships with family and friends; to discover and connect with my soul family; and to create programs and offers that get me sooooo excited!”

Lori A. Andrus

“Laura Hollick is one of the brightest voices in our industry. Her ideas transcend traditional business practices and help to anchor in this new paradigm for the creative spiritual revolutionaries.”

Christina Morassi

“What I’ve learned in these two years being in the nü Icon Program is to trust my intuition so much that I could start living from it.”

Yamuna Iveta

“The magical Laura Hollick is helping to midwife and birth a new consciousness through art, self-expression, and creativity. Thank you for trailblazing the path for us Laura! You truly embody your work.”

Rose Cole

“The nü Icon Program is L-O-V-E. A language we all understand and grow from.”

Yoshi Arima

“Spending time in Laura’s presence restores, refreshes, relaxes and reinvigorates me to continue to surrender even more fully into my own Divine Destiny and activates and accelerates my own growth and expansion at the same time.”

Amethyst Wyldfyre

“Laura’s guidance is both profound and practical – a perfect combination for anyone seeking business guidance that comes from a place of compassion, truth and passion. Laura helped me to clarify the larger picture of my interests, my business model and my audience. Since working with Laura, I have clarified my business model, developed and launched a space art workshop, started writing a newspaper column about space art, and have developed a system for effective online marketing that feels incredibly authentic.”

Renate Pohl

“Working with Laura in the year-long nü Icon Program has been amazingly invigorating! I have been able to distill and develop who I am and what I do in such a graceful way.”

Teresaa Stovin

“The biggest transformation I experienced was getting to know what my essence is – being able to put my finger on it…knowing how and when to honour myself to deepen my essence and how all of this linked into my business and my success, health and well-being. I now feel confident that my roots are strong and nurtured – whatever I build now will be built on solid ground with an understanding of how to continually look after and honour my roots and essence. I also got some great insights from Laura on the group calls which helped me figure out some long standing questions too.”

Liza K. Collins

“Laura is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. Her work is like a magic wand that breaks open this reality in freeing, loving, and beautiful ways!”

Cora Flora

“Laura is a masterful guide, beautiful creative spirit and role model for following your heart and making money. After feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in my business and around money for a few months, I definitely experienced an energetic shift that unplugged some of my money blocks, and brought in new opportunities and inspiration.”

Ana Poirier

“I love the flow of how Laura delivers her information. Her passion to be a guide for others to bring forth their Iconic Essence is infectious and inspiring. Her presence is warm and grounding. Simply put … the light she radiates is full of wisdom and love.”

Jill Soenen

“Laura Hollick is a shining example of a nü Icon; living an abundant life as a thriving artist. She models to us what it looks like when someone is living aligned with her unique essence. I experienced Laura’s brilliance and intuition in the nü Icon program and intensive where she offered guidance and insights that assisted me in taking giant leaps forward towards creating the life of my dreams.”

Ute Lambrecht

“Laura is a natural intuit and she speaks the nü tongue of the nü Earth. You can feel her presence, her authenticity, her peace.”

Heather Wulfers

“Laura creates a magical landscape where seeing beyond the ideas of mapped reality is supported and encouraged.”

Feather Redfox

“The nü Icon-program has created a new soil for my life, art and career. I have become better at recognizing my true essence and cultivating it in daily life, gaining courage to embrace my own greatness more profoundly. My life has transformed in amazing ways and keeps transforming – what I love is that I know that this journey just keeps getting better! I think this program is very genius, exquisite and unique. The way that Laura creates the space for nü icons to embrace their essence is profound and beautiful.”

Rosa Latva

“Laura has a gentle way of inviting you to self-discover. Her clarifying questions and techniques are tender invitations to see yourself more clearly and to identify your next step. Though she shares her insights, her trust and belief that you will gain your own insights are empowering.”

Rosa Maria Szynski

“Laura is a rare gift whose pure channel of inspiration reminds the world of what is possible when you live from your creative heart and spirit. She is truly a catalyst for the new paradigm of sustainable success in the modern world.”

Marta Barreras

“When I almost walked out on myself, Laura did not walk out on me. I am forever grateful.”

Melissa Sonido

“I feel very fortunate to have gone through the nü Icon program! It is an amazing journey and a very fulfilling experience, where you get to meet the real YOU, that might have been hidden under layers and layers of outer expressions. Once you find your inner expression it all falls into place, the nü Icon program is the place to explore that inner expression to the fullest.”

Sara Aurora Waters

“Laura is an epic visionary of our time. She is an unapologetic expression standing in her own brilliance and is a graceful and sincere invitation for others to join her. Her magic truly serves as a portal for others to step into their light, into their passion, into their calling, and to do it together. As one tribe, each in our own unique way.”

Jess Johnson

Registration for the 2016 nü Icon Program is now closed

The nü Icon Program has two options. The first option is Icon Training, which is a year-long virtual training program. The second option is Icon Training along with a group intensive and private calls with Laura Hollick.

Icon Training Includes:

  • Monthly nü Icon training audios, rituals and worksheets
  • Monthly nü Icon digital journals
  • Private group mastermind forum
  • Personalized Intuitive Guidance from Laura Hollick during monthly group Q&A calls
  • Bonus Audio: Activate your Money Breakthrough
  • Bonus Audio: How to Create an Iconic Essence Image

Icon Training with Intensive Includes:

  • Everything included in Icon Training
  • 2 private calls with Laura Hollick
  • 2-day group nü Icon intensive at Soul Art Studio in Canada in July, 2016
  • Personalized training to express and embody your Iconic Essence in photos and video
  • Please note space is extremely limited for private calls and the Intensive. Sign up early to avoid disappointment.

The nü Icon year-long program started on January 1, 2016

Registration is now closed

nü Icon Program

Icon Training

Payment Plan

12 payments 30 days apart
Registration Closed

Pay in Full

Registration Closed

Icon Training with Intensive

Payment Plan

12 payments 30 days apart
Registration Closed

Pay in Full

Registration Closed

All prices listed are in US dollars. Charges will appear as “Soul Art Studio” on your credit card statement.

About Laura Hollick

Your nü Icon Guide Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is your Visionary Guide through this nü Icon Program. She is an award-winning artist, multi 6-figure entrepreneur and is known as the Soul Art Shaman.

After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to realize it. She is the founder of Soul Art Studio Inc., a thriving business devoted to circulating love around the planet with creative inspiration.

BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laura’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life – Laura Hollick.’ She has hosted and produced over 500 radio shows for 93.3 FM CFMU called ‘The Artist’s Lifestyle.’ Laura recently gave a TEDx talk called “You are the Art.”

Laura’s visionary art and insights inspire audiences around the world through her nü Icon Program, Soul Art Certification and global events like International Soul Art Day, the Global Vision Quest and the nü Icon Movie.

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